I have encountered a great problem that is beyond my ability to solve alone.  Many people in this country are struggling with the same problem and it is time we come together to do something about it.  Please join me in the fight to change the way health care is provided to Americans.

How can this happen in the richest, most powerful country in the world? 

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Give Health A Chance

GHAC mission:
serve as a citizens 'watch dog'
to improve US health care

Please stop the
BCBS 'Insurance Monster


health care reform watchdog puppy
'watch puppy'

Please pray for me, as I believe that love will help me now, when I need it the most. And please spread the word about the deplorable state of America’s health care system.  It is my hope that this horrible situation I find myself in can be a catalyst for helping the many other victims of the health care crisis in our country.  You can help by signing petition to make my medical insurance coverage a right for everyone in America, or send a note to me, or to your governor demanding immediate action be taken toward health care reform. Mostly Fearless, 

2/20/03  Vincent J Cataldi 2516 E. Menlo Blvd. Shorewood, WI  53211

My favorite Quotes

These three quotes I invented to paraphrase long stories which I routinely used as motivational assistance.  These three each took ten years to condense, and were created ten years apart, taking thirty years to complete the recursive trinity lessons. 

Vincent J Cataldi - October 2006


Politics of Medicine - Milwaukee

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Health care in America is a tangled mess of laws and practices which deny a very large percent of the US population, assess to appropriate medical care, while others receive more than needed. Doctors are not to blame They pay horrendous amounts of money to insurance companies as well.

If a convicted felon, I could legally represent myself , and I would receive timely life saving medical care in prison as anything less would be cruel and unusual punishment.  Why must the free fight so hard for life saving rights?  I must suppose freedom is an allusion! (Convicted Felon)


serve as a citizens watch dog to improve US health care
help people share and distribute information, volunteer, and locate resources
recruit volunteers to organize grassroots efforts to define and solve local problems
recruit volunteers to help maintain specific aspects of this GHAC service.
monitor and direct actions of elected officials concerning health care issues
provide emergency service and assistance to those who fall through the safety net. 

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1-262-364-3999 (Milw.)

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